About FirstHatch

FirstHatch would like to give the most complete support to every collaborative partners.

About FirstHatch 1

We are FirstHatch studio specializing in WordPress website development, brand vision integration, and video post-production. We would like to stand the first step in digital world with start-up companies and NGOs as well as be a push-hand for the organization to grow up and transform.

Based on the difference of business model and types of website (e.g. official website, e-commerce, and promotion), FirstHatch studio provides complete website planning and the best WordPress website solution with customized, easy-to-revise, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-operate, functional, and SEO optimized features. It is able to grow up and be upgraded with the growth of organizations.

In addition, our team also specializes in graphic design and video post-production effects and possesses strict and high-quality of requirements for visual image. We would like to support every organizations to create/re-create their brand vision, promote themselves as well as do charity fund-raising and tell their unique stories with creative idea.

For high quality, we insist on doing one case in one period of time to give the most complete support to our collaborative organization.